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Retirement Income

Retired couple on beach

Are you concerned about having enough income during retirement? We have been living in a low interest rate environment for years and it has made generating retirement income very, very difficult. Traditional interest bearing securities that used to be staples of retirement portfolios such as U.S. government bonds, now pay less than in years gone by. This has made it a challenging time to be retired. The key for retirees is to generate adequate income without drawing on principal too aggressively, which could lower your future standard of living. In order to achieve this during today’s low interest rate period, your financial advisor needs to be an expert in retirement income techniques.


SEF Financial has expertise in retirement techniques and strategies. Let us use our knowledge and experience to design a portfolio to boost your retirement income. If you are retired or near retirement age and have concerns about your income and standard of living in retirement, please contact us for a free consultation using the button in the top right of this page. You’ve worked hard to save enough for retirement, you want your income and lifestyle to match that effort

SEF Financial can guide your path to achieve your financial goals and objectives.